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Rachel the website is fab! have a great time at the party.

love V.xxx


Hey Rachel, Love the website and am very excited about my hair appointment next week!

Love, Light and Success

Julie x


Love the web site Rach it's looking awesome! I'll have to come and visit the next time im over your side of the world. I remember when you used to come to our place in london and do all our hair if it wasn't for you i would have never gone back to having a fringe and remember when i was thinking about getting dreds but you told me not to do it your exact words were: "Don't do it there dirty there disgusting & they stink!" Lol! All the best Rach!

deana trites

guess i will have to come to liverpool now... i miss the miracles you performed on my constantly changing hair oh so many years ago! however you did mislead me as a youngster, made me believe that anything was possible with my hair, i did not know only YOU could do such an amazing job! the studio looks super duper fantastic. i wish you all the success you deserve and more :)


Love your website rach!!Good luck you deserve it!!

Love L.