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The 'before' picture. See the Trend Vision photo gallery for the 'afters'  :)
The 'before' picture. See the Trend Vision photo gallery for the 'afters' :)

I have been keeping quiet about the Wella Trend Vision Award 2015 because I was unable to publish any images until the compatition was over. I entered for the first time this year and had an incredible journey!

Every year Wella releases two trends for the year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. The idea is to choose the trend you like and do your interpration of the trend. Wella gives you a brief and a collection is released, for each trend. This year the S/S trend 'Journey Of Enlightenment' was done by Akin Konizi. British hairdresser of the year a stagering 4 times! and international Creative Director of HOB salons. He is a creative genius!

I chose the S/S trend, its all about softenss and inner beauty and purity, healthy and glowing. Reduce to magnify. Distilled and difiused colour.

There are three stages in the compatition. Stage one, photographic entry, a before and after picture and writen explanations of your look and technical information. Stage 2, the regional finals, 16 are chosen from each region to compete for 4 places in the UK finals. The competatiors are given one hour to prepair their modle and then have a 6 minute window to present thier look to the panel of judges.
Stage 3, the national finals, 4 from each region (16 total) will compete for bronze, silver and the gold award. The competatiors have 3 hours to do the colour and styling in the Wella World Studio in London. They have another 6 minute presentation to do for the panel of judges, explaining their look and insperations.

I was told that thre were about 6000 entries this year, from all those, I was chosen to compete in the regional finals!! I couldnt believe it! I was the only one from Liverpool that went through! Wow! I was so proud to go through to this stage on my first attempt.

The North Regional Finals were held at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester on 13/05/15.
I did not get through to the national finals, however, had some amazing feedback and one judge put my entry in his top 4! I was so overwhelmed! It was such an honour to be there. The standard of the entries was so incredible, the creativity and workmanship was inspiring to say the least.

So at long last here are some images from my entry for the Wella TVA 2015. I hope you like it!


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