Olaplex Treatment Now Available

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Image showing the improvement to the hair that Olaplex treatment will give.
Image showing the improvement to the hair that Olaplex treatment will give.

There's a lot of talk about this new treatment called Olaplex. It's mentioned on Instagram and Twitter hundreds of time a day. It's used by top hair colourists in America and its starting to get noticed here in the UK. Olaplex is a treatment that can be put into colour or used on its own. There is groundbreaking science that has gone into the development of this product. Without getting to technical, Olaplex rebuilds the peptide bonds within the hair to prevent breakage from happening. The results are incredible! Many colourists put Olaplex directly into the colour to have the treatment and the colour work at the same time. Although I believe Olaplex is a groundbreaking treatment and will be using it, I will not be putting it into my colours. I will use it as a 'stand alone treatment' As a Master Colour Expert, I will not use products that are not made by Wella with Wella products. It goes against the training that I have had and knowledge that I stand behind. I also feel that there is some questionable advice given to use Olaplex in bleach and colour. I completely respect colourists that choose to use Olaplex in their colours, I believe it is a choice that anyone is free to make. I will be offering Olaplex as a stand alone treatment that you are welcome to add on to a colour service, haircut or blow dry. The treatment is a two step process that will take approximately 30 min, so please plan for the extra time. The treatment will cost £20-30 depending on the length of your hair. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to have some more information or book a treatment.


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