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Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony

I've just just graduated from the Master Colour Programme, so am now officially a Master Colour Expert. There are only around 900 MCE's in the UK. So that means that out of the 250 000 hairdressers out there only 0.36% of us have this qualification. I'd like to explain the course in detail so you can have a better understanding of what it actually means to be an MCE. *

There are four stages to the programme.

Stage 1 is the foundation stage of the Master Colour Programme.
Re-visiting essential information allows everyone to start the course at the same level, and sets the scene for a successful journey through the Master Colour Programme.
• Up to date product information
• Key foundation colouring facts
• Problem-solving solutions for colour correction
• Theory assignments and workshops

Stage 2 takes in all aspects of colouring allowing you to go on and achieve the ultimate accolade: Master Colour Expert (MCE).
• Communication
• Science of hair
• Business building
• Achieving pass mark (85%) on theory examination receive invitation to Stage 3
• Creative colour and colour corrective information and workshops
- Inspirations project assignment. (See the post and photos on the website)

Stage 3 helps to consolidate and build on the expertise and experience gained on Stage 2. Polish your skills and prepare to achieve the prestigious title of Master Colour Expert (MCE).
Gain a fresh approach to colour from our guest colourist through combining creative and corrective colour knowledge.
• Colour change demonstration
• Advanced hair analysis
• Workshops
• Inspirational creative day with a guest artist

Master Colour Programme Stage 4 is the ultimate colour course in the hairdressing industry. This exclusive course will take you on a journey of intense learning, will inspire you and develop your colouring skills to the highest level.
• The chemistry of colour
• The ultimate colour award
• Extreme colour correction head block challenge
– timed practical examination pass mark 85%
• Emotion and psychology
• Legal consideration of colour correction

* course description taken from Wella's website.

I hope that information gives you a better understanding of the meaning behind the qualification MCE. I passed the course with a mark of 93% on both my theory & practical test. It was a changeling and rewarding experience.


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