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Master Colour Programme

I have started a course at Wella Studio in Manchester called The Master Colour Programme. It's the highest level of training a colour technician can receive and it's something I've wanted to do for years. It's like a dream come true for me!
The course consists of 4 stages and is taken over several months. I will be starting the first part of stage 2 tomorrow. I have already learned some new things and been reminded why Wella colour is hands down the best colour out there. The scientists in the Wella labs are true geniuses and have created products for us to use that are so incredible and allow us such creative freedom.
This course will give me so much knowledge about every single product that's available for me to use that I may become obsessed with colouring hair and you won't be able to leave the studio without an amazing colour!
I colleague I had years ago said to me one night after a busy day 'Wow Rachel if it breaths, colour it! I've never seen a stylist with so many colour clients.'
I've always had a passion for colour and it gives me so much pride to say that I will soon be certified by Wella as a Master Colour Expert!


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