Inspiration Project MCP stage 2

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inspiration project, sneak peek.
inspiration project, sneak peek.

I am currently doing the MCP at Wella Studio in Manchester. Its an in depth course for colour. During the course there are workshops,theory, practical tests and assignments for us to complete in our own time.
They asked us to find inspiration in something and create two looks using that inspiration. One being creative and the other being commercial.
I used WINDOWS as my inspiration, a window allows the passage of light into a space. So I thought about Colour letting light into hair in the same way. I took inspiration from the cathedrals in Liverpool for my creative look. I love the way the stained glass takes on so many shades and shapes depending on how the light comes through it. I wanted to create a look of stained glass on the hair.
I was really interested in and found the shape of the Georgian window frames. They are beautiful symmetric patterns that I thought I could copy and use for the sectioning for my commercial look. There was one pattern that stood out to me, although I could have used any one of them and gotten a beautiful result.

I have posted a full album in my photo gallery, so go check it out! I'll give you one sneak peek.......

I hope you like what you see.


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