How often should I get my hair done?

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Solar Sublime Shampoo
Solar Sublime Shampoo

A common question I get asked is: How often should I get my hair done?

Well obviously, there's no one right answer! It can depend on many things, if you have a short style that needs to be kept tidy or if you have colour in you hair and need your roots touched up.

If you are trying to grow your hair you should keep in mind that your ends will get dry, split and break off so getting your hair cut every 8 weeks would be ideal to keep the ends tidy and prevent any breakage from happening. That way your hair will grow nice and full.

If you have colour you don't want your roots to get too long so maybe every 6-8 weeks. You can go a bit longer if you have hilights. On the other hand, you don't want to get it done too often either, doing this can create colour overlapping which in turn can cause breakage or discolouration.

If you're going on holiday, keep in mind that the sun, sea or pool can cause a fair amount of damage. There are many products you can use to protect your hair from this. Loreal has a great range called Solar Sublime, you can find this range in the studio.

Overall I would say that you should get you hair done, whether it's colour and cut or just a cut between 4 and 8 weeks.


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