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18 inch pony tail that was given to charity.
18 inch pony tail that was given to charity.

My 4pm appointment yesterday came in with long, thick, slightly wavy hair. I hadn’t seen her in a good few months, so was expecting her to say she wanted a few inches off the bottom and the layers tidied up.

When I asked her what she wanted me to do, her answer surprised me.

She said ‘I’m donating my hair to charity so I want it all cut off’

I tied her hair in a high pony tail and got cutting. We were left with an 18 inch pony tail and the pile of hair on the floor after I cut a super cute soft crop was impressive too!

Wow!! What an amazing gift. She told me about the charity she is giving her hair to. It’s called The Little Princess Trust. It gives real hair wigs to children that suffer from hair loss.

It’s inspired me so much that I have been in touch with the charity and will be giving free haircuts to anyone that wants to donate 7inches or more to The Little Princess Trust


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