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Electric Blue 8" Flash
Electric Blue 8" Flash

I'm not sure if you know that in general I'm not a big fan of hair extensions. There are a few reasons for this; when they are glued in, they create breakage and can cause serious long term damage to your hair. When clipped in they cause breakage and often the clips are hard to hide especially in fine hair. When they are sewed in they cause breakage and can slide down and you can often see the weft that's been sewn in, then your own hair can get tangled in making them look messy and unkept.

I love the idea of changing your look dramatically or adding volume to finer hair with extensions, I don't love the idea of what the consequences are.......... Until now!
FLIP IN HAIR! It's the most amazing invention in the world of hair extensions to date! There's no breakage, no glue, clips or weaves and NO commitment. It is literally flip them in and flip them out!
They come in a huge range of colour choice and 3 different lengths, there's even a wavy and curly option. They are 100% human hair and can be curled and washed.
They are made in the UK and can be with you in 2-3 days.

If you've ever fancied a bit of a flash of colour but don't want the commitment or can't have bright tones in your hair because of work or you're a but scared of not liking it........ This is the product for you! There's loads of colour and length choices.
Check out the website for more pictures and get in touch with me to book a consultation for a made to order piece that will suit your needs.


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