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Color ID before,during & after
Color ID before,during & after

As some of you know I use Wella colour and always have. I'm a big fan of Wella since its been around for well over 100 years and is always at the forefront of new products and technology. They have just brought out a product that breaks down all the boundaries of colour. It so exciting to be able to use this product and have the freedoms with colour that I've always wanted to have.
Color ID
I'll explain how it works and what it is without getting too sciencey. It's an additive that doesn't effect the colour tone or depth, it thickens the colour and allows the colours to be put right next to each other without bleeding into each other. It creates a honeycomb like mesh around the colour pigments so they can process on the hair that its applied to, but doesn't bleed into the colour next to it. Usually you'd need to use foils or wraps to prevent colour bleeding.
Foils are not a bad thing, but they can restrict your creativity.
I will still use foils or wraps for the looks that require them, but now that I have Color ID to use the possibilities with colour are absolutely endless and will be extremely unique to each client.
I love the idea of everyone's colour being different, and now with Color ID it will be easier and more fun to create different looks for everybody!
Contact me if you want in on the colour revolution!


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